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And ….”Bella” is her Name!

Sitting here and realized I never officially introduced “Bella”. Ok, “Bella” is the name I’ve given to my Beautiful hair….I mean she’s dope and classy enough for such a name 🙂

On another note I have revamped my regimen and products…things have never been so Simple and yet Effective!!! Oh snap lol… back later with all the details, some tips, and a product review.

Wishing you a Natural Love Affair



Just some tips I’ve learned…..

Ok it has been a minute since I last blogged 😦

What’s new, let’s see well I started a Facebook page all about my natural hair love affair….I have met some wonderful, encouraging, and supportive people…this community is GREAT!!!!!

I’ve tried a few different products, some I like, LOVE, and others not so much lol. What I have learned is that Shea Butter will forever be a STAPLE….my hair just loves it! Another thing I’ve learned is I just need to do what my hair likes, so if its a product thats not exclusively natural yet my hair responds well then hey I’m going to use it lol.

Another thing…keeping my regimen and staples simple is a Blessing (lol) that has done me wonders! There’s ao much more but I’ll save that for later….be back with some product reviews and other updates 🙂

Wishing you all a Natural Love Affair