New Twist Out Routine

First off….Hello All its been a minute. Ok so I’m a huge fan of twist outs, I’ve tried the wash-n-go, the Bantu knots, braid outs, flat twist, etc yet I don’t get the definition and satisfaction as I do with my twist outs. Now im a big fan of youtuber jcokes7 (follow her on twitter @coilyheadchick) as she always comes with the best tips! So for the month if April she is doing a Conditioner Only Wash-N-Go Challenge…now as much as I wanted to participate that style just doesn’t work with my hair so I decided to tweak it and do a month if conditioner only twist outs. Well I’m on day 3 and I’m Loving it! Im using VO5 Tea Therapy Conditioner and while I didn’t think I’d have the definition and hold, I was WRONG….got all if that plus softness.
The only down side is the Major Shrinkage, which I’m use to with my hair…once water hits it that’s a wrap! I keep the steps simple, I wash, deep condition, detangle as usual the only difference is instead of applying my Shea Butter as my styler I usw the conditioner. I still do my small to medium size twists on damp hair and so far its been great!




Will keep you posted, until later…..
Wishing you a Natural Love Affair



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