Natural Hair Goals for 2012

Ok, as many know I have been Natural for a good 14yrs and yes while my hair has overall been in a good healthy state I will admit over the last few years I became lazy. When I say lazy, I mean I didn’t put forth the effort in caring and loving my hair…I felt because my stylist did such a great job and because I achieved shoulder length hair, which was always easy to maintain for me, I didn’t need to do anything else….WRONG!!!!!

So last September, I decided that I needed to take part in my hair and I started my Healthy Hair journey, which consist of the following goals……

(1)   Keep regimen & products simple, which simply means DO WHAT WORKS FOR MY HAIR!!!

(2)   Grow out heat damage by only applying direct heat (blow-out/flat-iron) 1x/yr (last applied 9/2011)

(3)   Achieve SL in its Natural state by Dec’12 (currently at SL when blown out)

(4) LOVE & RESPECT my Natural Hair, which means exactly what it says (lol).

I must say since I started my healthy hair journey, I have seen results such as great thickness w/ my new growth, less shedding, and growth. My heat damage is growing out, and my natural hair pattern is returning, so yes I’m happy w/ this and will continue!!!!


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