Queen Helene Royal Curl: Curl Shaping Creme Product Review…


Ok guys, I know its been a minute but before I forget I wanted to stop in w/ this review. So a couple of weeks ago I was in Whole Foods shopping for snacks & hair supplies when I came across (1) a sell on Giovanni products (will discuss later) & (2) this curl shaping creme by the Queen Helene line. After reading the ingredients (not bad at all) & checking out the consistency, which is slightly like a pudding I decided to try it out as the scent is pleasing, very light & fresh. So I uses it for the first time last wash day….can I just say my curls were super defined (sorry forgot pics) w/ bounce & softness….at first! As the days went by I noticed flaking on my edges from the product & my hair especially my ends were dry & in some respect crunchy, which is a NO NO for me! I can say that this product mixed very well w/ my homemade Shea Butter, which is good yet the results didn’t please me enough. Now maybe I should have used the product alone, yet the drying itself is what has me not interested. Will I repurchase…No. Will this become a staple…No. Will I try using it again….the verdict is outbon that. For me the until results & looks were great but as time went by I just didn’t like what I was seeing w/ my hair & I guess the long term results.

Wishing you a Natural Love Affair


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