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Natural Hair Goals for 2012

Ok, as many know I have been Natural for a good 14yrs and yes while my hair has overall been in a good healthy state I will admit over the last few years I became lazy. When I say lazy, I mean I didn’t put forth the effort in caring and loving my hair…I felt because my stylist did such a great job and because I achieved shoulder length hair, which was always easy to maintain for me, I didn’t need to do anything else….WRONG!!!!!

So last September, I decided that I needed to take part in my hair and I started my Healthy Hair journey, which consist of the following goals……

(1)   Keep regimen & products simple, which simply means DO WHAT WORKS FOR MY HAIR!!!

(2)   Grow out heat damage by only applying direct heat (blow-out/flat-iron) 1x/yr (last applied 9/2011)

(3)   Achieve SL in its Natural state by Dec’12 (currently at SL when blown out)

(4) LOVE & RESPECT my Natural Hair, which means exactly what it says (lol).

I must say since I started my healthy hair journey, I have seen results such as great thickness w/ my new growth, less shedding, and growth. My heat damage is growing out, and my natural hair pattern is returning, so yes I’m happy w/ this and will continue!!!!


Hair Love Update

Ok, its been a minute since I’ve blogged but I’m back! So here’s the update…..

I’ve changed my daily hair regimen and staples, that update will be posted later. I’ve  also developed hair goals for 2012, which include Healthy Hair (of course), achieving shoulder length in its natural state (currently shoulder length when blown out), and keep my regimen and staples simple yet do what works for my hair. So I’ve been on a personal No Heat Challenge… first it was for 3 mths but I’ve just reached ths 6 mth mark of no heat and I’m loving it, so the plan is to go a year without applying heat! This is key because I’m growing out heat damage, which surprisingly isn’t as much as I thought I may have 😉 .

So that’s what I’ve been up to abd focused on, be back with more goodies and reviews.

Wishibgr you A Natural Love Affair
Shay aka NATURALbella_

Queen Helene Royal Curl: Curl Shaping Creme Product Review…


Ok guys, I know its been a minute but before I forget I wanted to stop in w/ this review. So a couple of weeks ago I was in Whole Foods shopping for snacks & hair supplies when I came across (1) a sell on Giovanni products (will discuss later) & (2) this curl shaping creme by the Queen Helene line. After reading the ingredients (not bad at all) & checking out the consistency, which is slightly like a pudding I decided to try it out as the scent is pleasing, very light & fresh. So I uses it for the first time last wash day….can I just say my curls were super defined (sorry forgot pics) w/ bounce & softness….at first! As the days went by I noticed flaking on my edges from the product & my hair especially my ends were dry & in some respect crunchy, which is a NO NO for me! I can say that this product mixed very well w/ my homemade Shea Butter, which is good yet the results didn’t please me enough. Now maybe I should have used the product alone, yet the drying itself is what has me not interested. Will I repurchase…No. Will this become a staple…No. Will I try using it again….the verdict is outbon that. For me the until results & looks were great but as time went by I just didn’t like what I was seeing w/ my hair & I guess the long term results.

Wishing you a Natural Love Affair