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Homemade Natural Hair Products


Shea Butter is not only one of my “I Cannot Natural Hair Without” staples, but the base for many of my homemade products.

This picture is of my Sweet Almond Whipped Shea Butter. Not only does it smell divine (OMG), but it’s super creamy and leaves my hair moisturized and soft.

I originally started making my own Shea Butter mixes after following youtuber Naptural85 (she’s one of the BEST), and w/ my own personal touches I’ve developed a few Shea Butter mixes that my hair simply loves.

Making your own products may seem difficult but in reality it’s not, I’ve made my own daily spritz, body moisturizer, shampoo, hair gel, and deep conditioners….yes I’m own a roll (lol). Next up bar soaps…will share those results and more soon!


Silly Bella


Yay….another Feature

Just a quick post about my OnyxRose Feature. Check me lol.