New “I Cannot Natural Hair Without” Staple!!!!!!!


Ok, I know I said I will be sharing my revamped daily regimen & staples list & I didn’t forget….its coming (lol). However in the meantime I just had to share this. For one of my 2012 goals I decided I wanted to use 100% Natural products (preferable homemade), so I’ve been researching & I came across so many of my Natural Hair ladies whom I trust talk about Aloe Vera Juice/Gel. So yesterday during my Natural shopping spree at Whole Foods I decided to purchase a bottle of Aloe Vera Juice….well, well, well can I tell you how defined & popping my curls were this morning!!!!! I kept it simple by mixing the AVJ w/ H2O to develop a daily spritz…..Ladies can I say my hair/scalp felt so refreshed & my curls weren’t just popping & defined but beyond soft!!! Now previously I was using Eco-Styler Olive Oil Gel & it worked well as my curls were defined & popping, however the AVJ is just a more natural & soft experience. So will I recommend the Eco-Styler…yes because it did work & I didn’t have any problems, will I be repurchasing it…No ecause I simple love the results of the AVJ & because of my goal for 2012.

Regimen & Staples list updates are coming….I Promise! 🙂

Wishing You a Natural Love Affair



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