Awakening…New Natural Hair Staple

Ok, for the past 4-5 months I’ve been using African Black Soap (ABS) on my face & body, well the results have been great as my skin is extremely soft (always had soft skin), great natural glow, & my acne scars & hyperpigmentation is starting to fad & become under control. So w/ those results & hearing from other Naturals that use ABS to shampoo their hair, I decided to give it a try, so yesterday during my weekly NaturalHair Date I cleansed my hair w/ ABS…OMG!!!! Can I just say my hair & scalp was amazingly clean yet not stripped of any natural oil. In addition to the great cleaning, my hair was so soft, which made my detangle session less intense (b/c it’s a job). Up until yesterday my favorite shampoo & conditioner varied between the MillCreek Botanical Biotin & Jojoba lines, which are organic & natural & have been great on my hair…yet I will be saying BYE BYE because the results of ABS have been Beautiful. My curls are softer, defined, & have more bounce then I’ve experienced before.

Now since I’ve been Natural for 14yrs & my initial thoughts were because I’m natural my hair was automatically healthy…MYTH! Because I would blow-out & flat-iron my hair often (the last 4yrs) I’ve experienced heat damage, luckily the damage isn’t as bad as it could be (thanks to my stylist who puts limits on me!) so my repair journey is going well. I’ve ceased direct heat styling & now I plan to say BYE to commercial products, as I want to only use NATURAL staples, because I want a simple & effective regimen & I’ve realized I don’t need to spend $$$$$$ on things I can make NATURALLY that will have more benefits. So this week I will be tossing all products & creating my own….stay tuned for my new regimen & list of “I Cannot Natural Hair Without” Staples =)

Wishing you A Natural Love Affair…..


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