Bantu Knot-Out…. :s

Ok so remember I said I wanted to try something new w/ my natural hair & I figured I’d try the Bantu Knot-Out. While I did attempt it this past Natural Hair Date, & I wasn’t a fan of the results. My hair had extreme shrinkage (more than normal) & I had frizz. I think what I did wrong was twisting and doing the Bantu knots while my hair was damp, which I should have waited until my hair was completely dry. So since the results wasn’t what I hoped & anticipated for, I went ahead & did a twist-out but w/ JBCO (Mmmm). Now just b/c this first attempt at the Bantu knot-out didn’t work out don’t think I won’t try it again, b/c I plan on doing so in a few weeks on completely dry hair (lol).

As for this JBCO twist-out, I’m expecting the curls to be more defined as my curls were in my roller set last week & I’m expecting less frizz if any at all…..I’ll post pics of the final results.

Wishing you A Natural Love Affair!


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