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sometimes separate is better

just a quick check-in…..

So my last Natural Hair Date aside from trying ABS to shampoo I also decided to wash my hair in sections… did it take more time….YES! However the end results were much more manageable. I had far less (if any) tangles and when it came to time to¬†condition and detangle…much much more easier. So I’m a believer that in some instances…Separate is Better ūüôā

Wishing You All A Natural Love Affair



New “I Cannot Natural Hair Without” Staple!!!!!!!


Ok, I know I said I will be¬†sharing my revamped daily regimen & staples list & I didn’t forget….its coming (lol). However in the meantime I just had to share this. For one of my 2012 goals I decided I wanted to use 100% Natural products (preferable homemade), so I’ve been researching & I came across¬†so many of my Natural Hair ladies whom I trust talk about Aloe Vera Juice/Gel. So yesterday during my Natural shopping spree at Whole Foods I decided to purchase a bottle of Aloe Vera Juice….well, well, well can I tell you how defined & popping¬†my curls were this morning!!!!!¬†I kept it simple by mixing the AVJ¬†w/ H2O¬†to develop a daily¬†spritz…..Ladies can I say my hair/scalp felt so refreshed & my curls weren’t just popping & defined but beyond soft!!! Now previously I was using Eco-Styler¬†Olive Oil Gel & it worked well as my curls were defined & popping, however the AVJ¬†is just a more natural & soft experience. So will I recommend the Eco-Styler…yes because it did work & I didn’t have any problems, will I be repurchasing it…No ecause I simple love the results of the AVJ & because of my goal for 2012.

Regimen & Staples list updates are coming….I Promise! ūüôā

Wishing You a Natural Love Affair


URGH…Do I have to Trim the Ends!!!


Okay so typically my Natural Hair Date (aka Wash Day) is on Saturdays however I went to the salon yesterday (Friday) after work…well everything was going fine and as planned until my stylist said “Shay today I’m going to trim your ends”. As soon as she said trim I thought to myself “Aww¬†damn,¬†why did she say that”. However on the outside I remained calm and cool and was like “oh okay no problem”….but that didn’t matter because my stylist of 14 plus years knows me and knew I was aching on the inside (LOL). So after she gave me a pep talk “Shay its okay I’m not cutting your hair just trimming the ends that are dead, remember we do this ever so often to keep your hair healthy and maintain growth”.¬†Trust, I know how¬†crucial trimming my ends are to attain¬†healthy hair and promote growth but I still get the chills and uneasy feeling at the sight¬†of¬†scissors getting close to my hair (LOL).

So I sat up straight and braced myself and once it was over I did what I typically do, which is look at the floor to see¬†how much of my hair was lying lifeless (LOL) and guess what….it wasn’t much! Ha! my stylist said “see was that hard…no because you take great care of your hair so there wasn’t much dead ends”. My mom was at the salon getting her hair done and all she could do was laugh and shake her head at me but she doesn’t know my pain (LOL). But seriously, I don’t know what it is about trimming my ends that just irritate me however I accept it as a necessity (BOO!) so I brace myself each and every time. The great thing that did come out of the “trimming session” yesterday was that¬†the highlights I¬†got have just about grown out¬†(Yay) and that also means a good amount of my heat damage is also growing out (Oh Yeah), I decided to grow out my heat damage rather than cut it out. So see yesterday’s trim session did have its silver lining…..Go Me, LOL!

Well until next time my loves, which will be when I blog about the changes w/¬†my daily regimen and the major updates w/¬†my “I Cannot Natural Hair Without” aka product list….

Wishing you all a Natural Love Affair


Awakening…New Natural Hair Staple

Ok, for the past 4-5 months I’ve been using African Black Soap (ABS) on my face & body, well the results have been great as my skin is extremely soft (always had soft skin), great natural glow, & my acne scars & hyperpigmentation is starting to fad & become under control. So w/ those results & hearing from other Naturals that use ABS to shampoo their hair, I decided to give it a try, so yesterday during my weekly NaturalHair Date I cleansed my hair w/ ABS…OMG!!!! Can I just say my hair & scalp was amazingly clean yet not stripped of any natural oil. In addition to the great cleaning, my hair was so soft, which made my detangle session less intense (b/c it’s a job). Up until yesterday my favorite shampoo & conditioner varied between the MillCreek Botanical Biotin & Jojoba lines, which are organic & natural & have been great on my hair…yet I will be saying BYE BYE because the results of ABS have been Beautiful. My curls are softer, defined, & have more bounce then I’ve experienced before.

Now since I’ve been Natural for 14yrs & my initial thoughts were because I’m natural my hair was automatically healthy…MYTH! Because I would blow-out & flat-iron my hair often (the last 4yrs) I’ve experienced heat damage, luckily the damage isn’t as bad as it could be (thanks to my stylist who puts limits on me!) so my repair journey is going well. I’ve ceased direct heat styling & now I plan to say BYE to commercial products, as I want to only use NATURAL staples, because I want a simple & effective regimen & I’ve realized I don’t need to spend $$$$$$ on things I can make NATURALLY that will have more benefits. So this week I will be tossing all products & creating my own….stay tuned for my new regimen & list of “I Cannot Natural Hair Without” Staples =)

Wishing you A Natural Love Affair…..

Bantu Knot-Out…. :s

Ok so¬†remember¬†I said I wanted to try something new w/¬†my natural hair & I figured I’d try the Bantu Knot-Out. While I did attempt it this past Natural Hair Date, & I wasn’t a fan of the results. My hair had extreme shrinkage (more than normal) & I had frizz. I think what I did wrong was twisting and doing the Bantu¬†knots while my hair was damp, which I should have waited until my hair was completely¬†dry. So since the results wasn’t what I hoped & anticipated for, I went ahead & did a twist-out but w/ JBCO¬†(Mmmm). Now just b/c this first attempt at the Bantu knot-out didn’t work out don’t think I won’t try it again, b/c I plan on doing so in a few weeks on completely dry hair (lol).

As for this JBCO twist-out, I’m expecting the curls to be more defined as my curls were in my roller set last week & I’m expecting less frizz if any at all…..I’ll post pics of the final results.

Wishing you A Natural Love Affair!

Crushing on my hair….

Ok so here I am minding my own business when I started to play in my curly twist-out when I developed something new… hair is actually coiling on its own! Now this may not be new to my natural hair ladies but it is to me & I’m CRUSHING on my hair once again =)
Now those who know me know I LOVE my hair & initially my love affair started as a crush but in the past few months when I rededicated myself to having Healthy Natural Hair……OMG!

Wishing you a Natural Love Affair

Trying something new

Ok so since I’ve been on this journey to get my Natural Hair back to it’s Healthy state I’ve ceased & dismissed the use of direct heat & returned to my love of twist/braid-outs, buns, & wash-n-go. Well while I was spending time on YT I came across some great videos on the Bantu-knot out, which I’m planning to attempt my next Natural Hair Date (this weekend). So look for my review & pics on how that works out for me.

Wishing you a Natural Love Affair!