My No Direct Heat Challenge!!!

Back in Sept’ 11 I decided to refrain from direct heat* until Jan’ 12 as a part of my Healthy Hair Journey. Well, I must say I’ve seen growth & strength in my hair these past 3 months. Along my nape & edges where I had slight damage, I’m seeing thicker & stronger new growth. Another bonus I’ve noticed is at the front of my hair where I experienced heat damage, the new growth is returning to my natural thick & curly hair pattern, which is LOVELY!

So, guess what…..I’ve decided to extend my challenge, my new goal is to refrain from direct heat until Apr’ 12. Now, I may desire the straight look & if so I’ve decided to go w/ my trusty bun look (smile), but for the most part I’ll stick w/ my braid & twist-outs, flat-twists along w/ a roller-set. Now if I stick to (No, I will stick to it) this challenge extension, I will be direct heat free for 7mths in Apr’ 12!!!! Hot Damn that sounds FAB!

*Indirect heat will be applied to my hair when deep-conditioning (15-20mins) & for roller-sets.


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