Who I Am…

Hello All…

My name is Shay & this is my first blog (OMG)…please be patient 🙂

I wanted to do this blog because in the last year or so I’ve fallen head over heels In Love….& its a Beautiful & Blessed feeling. My new love is none other than my NaturalHair, I’ve been rocking my NaturalHair for 14yrs this past August (Yay Me!) however the first 12 or so yrs was a flirty crush & now the only way to describe how I feel is A Natural Love Affair. Don’t get me wrong, she & I have had our ups & downs but I think we’ve come to a way to co-exist happily.nappily together.

Because I’ve had so much success & great results since rocking my NaturalHair, I’ve decided maybe its time to document my love (lol). Now this will not be a journal from the start of my NaturalHair journey, as I did my Big Chop 14yrs ago but this blog will give an insight of my daily NaturalHair regimen, thoughts, tips, support, favorites, & etc. One journey you will read/see with this blog is that of me committing to No or Little Heat as possible. and to use all natural products…& believe me I have started & WOW the results are Amazing!

Now I am not a stylist or expert so please don’t take my tips, suggestions, experiences as law….what I share is based on personal experiences and results, which may not be the same for everyone. Thank you for stopping by & I hope your experience with my blog was & continues to be a great one!

Wishing you A Natural Love Affair



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