Daily Hair Regimen


Regimen is the same throughout the yr except a few changes during cold mths:

MCB Jojoba Shampoo & Conditioner, No Co-wash, Alternate M&S w/ Homemade Shea-Butter Mix,  Styles: Roller-Set, Twist/Braid-Out, W-N-G

Home Care Reg.

***Moisturize w/ S-Curl & Seal Ends w/ Coconut Oil daily***

Sat, Mon, Wed, Thur – JBCO is applied to scalp & massage for 5mins., M & S

Tue &Thur – Co-wash w/ Mill Creek Botanicals Biotin Conditioner, M & S*

Fri – Pre-poo w/ EVCO on length & Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil on scalp (overnight).

Sat AM

Shampoo, DC w/ MCB Biotin Conditioner & EVOO w/ heat;

Air dry (tee-shirt), apply JBCO, & finish w/ M & S, Style

Sun – M & S, Re-fresh Style & Satin Cap/Scarf.

Salon Care Reg. (2x/mth)

Stylist shampoos w/ ORS Olive Oil Shampoo

DC w/ ORS Olive Oil Conditioner w/ Tea-Tree Oil & heat

Leave-in Conditioner applied for Roller-Set, finish style w/ ORS Spray

*Flat-Iron 1x every 3 mths for length check & trim ends (last 9/2011)*

*I stopped Co-washing at the beginning of Nov due to my protective styles & cold weather I personally didn’t see any great benefits w/ Co-washing so it’s possible I will not return to this practice, yet if I do it will not be until the summer months.


One response to “Daily Hair Regimen

  1. anaturalloveaffair December 4, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    Once I finish this current bottle of Biotin I’ll be reducing the amount I intake, as my face cannot handle it 😦

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