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a Natural New Year

Ok so yesterday I went to the salon & it was Amazing….to sit back & get my hair done by someone else, Girl Bye lol. Now no matter what I’m sticking to my goal of No Direct Heat so we did a FAB roller set. After washing & DC’ing my stylist twisted my hair & then rolled each twist individually on a perm rod & air dry. Can I just say the end results are beautiful, the curls are soft, full, & beyond defined!



My No Direct Heat Challenge!!!

Back in Sept’ 11 I decided to refrain from direct heat* until Jan’ 12 as a part of my Healthy Hair Journey. Well, I must say I’ve seen growth & strength in my hair these past 3 months. Along my nape & edges where I had slight damage, I’m seeing thicker & stronger new growth. Another bonus I’ve noticed is at the front of my hair where I experienced heat damage, the new growth is returning to my natural thick & curly hair pattern, which is LOVELY!

So, guess what…..I’ve decided to extend my challenge, my new goal is to refrain from direct heat until Apr’ 12. Now, I may desire the straight look & if so I’ve decided to go w/ my trusty bun look (smile), but for the most part I’ll stick w/ my braid & twist-outs, flat-twists along w/ a roller-set. Now if I stick to (No, I will stick to it) this challenge extension, I will be direct heat free for 7mths in Apr’ 12!!!! Hot Damn that sounds FAB!

*Indirect heat will be applied to my hair when deep-conditioning (15-20mins) & for roller-sets.


Ok now for those who know me or have visited this blog, you know that JBCO is one of my FAV staples right? RIGHT! Now let me share why, yesterday when I was detangling (what a process lol) I noticed some nice new growth and what I liked most was the thickness that I saw around my nape and edges…areas I’ve had damage to. Now that the cold weather is approaching I’ve also noticed how applying and massaging JBCO into my scalp a few times a week has help eliminate dry scalp. So that’s just 2 of the reasons I LOVE JBCO!!!!!

Wishing you A Natural Love Affair!


Hey Naturals

Ok so I haven’t been blogging much, but just had to speak on this braid/twist-out I did on Saturay….it is just so FLY! Of course I used my staple Shea-Butter, but last night after I sprayed my daily H2O & began to M&S I applied a dab & I mean a dab of Eco-Styler Olive Oil gel to each braid & this morning when I got ready….OMG!!! I have some shrinkage from the H2O but aside from that, the look is On Point!!! Check my Flickr pics 🙂

Wishing you A Natural Love Affair

Ok Shay let’s “Hair” it together

I need to get up & start my weekly HairDate…..Laziness is the Devil (lol).

Ok but on a serious note….I’m thinking for this Hair Date I’ll spice it up & DC w/ EVOO….& do a Braid-out for this week’s protective style, yea sounds good! Now if i can just get up off my behind & do it lol.

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello All…

Just dropping by w/ some exciting news, a few weeks ago I replied to a tweet from @alltressedup re: participation in telling one’s Natural Hair story….well I participated & guess what??????????????

Ya’ Girl is LIVE & Queen of the Week!!!!!

please for those who may visit my blog check it out, not just to see me (lol) but also /c the site is so informative, supportive, encouraging, & natural: go to


So today is Saturday & as I’ve shared….its Hair Day or shall I say NaturalHairDate (lol). I’ve been having such great results w/ my twist-out I’m thinking since I’m not hitting the salon today then twist-out it is! Don’t get me wrong I love it when my hair is sharp & on point…but how I don’t enjoy the detangling process but that’s where dedication comes into play lol!

See ya later!

Wishing you A Natural Love Affair


My “I cannot NaturalHair Without” products 🙂

MillCreek Botanicals Organic & Natural Shampoo & Conditioners (I typically use either Biotin or Jojoba)

JBCO- Jamaican Black Castor Oil

EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVCO- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

JO- Jojoba Oil

TTO- Tee-Tree Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Strong Roots Red Pimento Growth Oil

Shea-Butter Mix  (adapted from @Nap85)


Satin Rollers

Satin Scarf/Cap


Daily Hair Regimen


Regimen is the same throughout the yr except a few changes during cold mths:

MCB Jojoba Shampoo & Conditioner, No Co-wash, Alternate M&S w/ Homemade Shea-Butter Mix,  Styles: Roller-Set, Twist/Braid-Out, W-N-G

Home Care Reg.

***Moisturize w/ S-Curl & Seal Ends w/ Coconut Oil daily***

Sat, Mon, Wed, Thur – JBCO is applied to scalp & massage for 5mins., M & S

Tue &Thur – Co-wash w/ Mill Creek Botanicals Biotin Conditioner, M & S*

Fri – Pre-poo w/ EVCO on length & Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil on scalp (overnight).

Sat AM

Shampoo, DC w/ MCB Biotin Conditioner & EVOO w/ heat;

Air dry (tee-shirt), apply JBCO, & finish w/ M & S, Style

Sun – M & S, Re-fresh Style & Satin Cap/Scarf.

Salon Care Reg. (2x/mth)

Stylist shampoos w/ ORS Olive Oil Shampoo

DC w/ ORS Olive Oil Conditioner w/ Tea-Tree Oil & heat

Leave-in Conditioner applied for Roller-Set, finish style w/ ORS Spray

*Flat-Iron 1x every 3 mths for length check & trim ends (last 9/2011)*

*I stopped Co-washing at the beginning of Nov due to my protective styles & cold weather I personally didn’t see any great benefits w/ Co-washing so it’s possible I will not return to this practice, yet if I do it will not be until the summer months.

Who I Am…

Hello All…

My name is Shay & this is my first blog (OMG)…please be patient 🙂

I wanted to do this blog because in the last year or so I’ve fallen head over heels In Love….& its a Beautiful & Blessed feeling. My new love is none other than my NaturalHair, I’ve been rocking my NaturalHair for 14yrs this past August (Yay Me!) however the first 12 or so yrs was a flirty crush & now the only way to describe how I feel is A Natural Love Affair. Don’t get me wrong, she & I have had our ups & downs but I think we’ve come to a way to co-exist happily.nappily together.

Because I’ve had so much success & great results since rocking my NaturalHair, I’ve decided maybe its time to document my love (lol). Now this will not be a journal from the start of my NaturalHair journey, as I did my Big Chop 14yrs ago but this blog will give an insight of my daily NaturalHair regimen, thoughts, tips, support, favorites, & etc. One journey you will read/see with this blog is that of me committing to No or Little Heat as possible. and to use all natural products…& believe me I have started & WOW the results are Amazing!

Now I am not a stylist or expert so please don’t take my tips, suggestions, experiences as law….what I share is based on personal experiences and results, which may not be the same for everyone. Thank you for stopping by & I hope your experience with my blog was & continues to be a great one!

Wishing you A Natural Love Affair